• The MCSO Reserves are a non-profit organization.
  • Reserve deputies are volunteers. None of the reserve deputies receive any type of income from the Sheriff's Office or Montgomery County.
  • Funding for operational expenses is received via fundraisers and donations.
  • Reserve deputies are P.O.S.T trained and commissioned officers with the same duties, responsibilities and authority as full time deputies.
  • Regular duties include: Patrol, prisoner and mental patient transport, special events, guarding juries, court duties, and serving warrants.
  • Reserves are considered on call 24 hrs a day 365 a year.
  • Duty requirements consist of one patrol shift per month along with four special duties per year.
  • Further training requirements are monthly meetings, yearly in-service classes, and quarterly firearm qualification.
  • On average the initial expense to become a reserve is from $800-$1100 for personal equipment.
  • Initial training usually consists of just over 80 hours of classroom and firing range instruction.
  • Reserves volunteer on average 1500 hrs a month saving the county and tax payers thousands of dollars per month.

Montgomery County Sheriff's Reserves

120 Commerce St.
Clarksville, TN 37040
(931) 648-0611
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